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“In an economy of dynamic change, we need to innovate and reinvent ourselves, to maintain our edge.”

Anne Caulfield

Executive Coach


Helping professionals develop the influence and authority to take control of their career path


What are your career goals, on the path to a more fulfilling career?  Is it to be a better leader for your team, maybe it is a promotion, or is it a career change?

Whatever your career goals, I would like to share 3 pillars to help you succeed.

My clients success come from 3 pillars:

1.  Commitment to transformation in their career, with the benefits rippling out to their professional and personal life.  

2.  Prepared to create the mindset and do the work to create the transformation they desire.

3.  Ready to move outside their comfort zone to make big shifts to create big transformation.   

If this is you, get in touch, so that you can start working on your path to more fulfilment and impact in your career. 

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**Anne ranked #37 in the Sage Top 100 Global Business Influencers list for 2017**

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“Anne possesses a wonderful energy and is a powerful motivator.

She is an intelligent independent advisor with vast experience and knowledge of a large organisation.  Anne provides an excellent sounding board, which aided me greatly in fitting together pieces as to why my current behavior exists. She easily pinpointed some facts that I never considered prior to coaching with her.

She has assisted me with my learning to identify the barriers and key performance issues that have been holding me back. Helped me to identify areas that warrant improvement.  I really appreciate how she draws from her own experiences. This offered me a reassuring backdrop to our conversations which lead to a more open and honest environment.

Anne 100% inspires action. I have already tried her recommended approaches and found them to be beneficial and I’m 100% positive that I can build on results.  Overall a wonderful coach who is assisting me greatly with my most important career objective. I truly appreciate all her direction and assistance”

Catherine Douglas, Technical Validation & Process Improvement, Avaya

“I found the executive coaching delivered by Anne very insightful in that it was a great process of self-discovery which led me to a deeper understanding of my current leadership style.  What I found most beneficial was the one to one interaction with an objective third party.  It enabled me to think about areas for improvement and with Anne’s mentoring, helped me develop key skills for the future.”

Anne Marie Forde, Head of Business Support Services, NUI Galway

“I recently engaged with Anne in order to get some support with developing my future career goals and I found it to be a very worthwhile experience. Anne quickly helped me to crystallize my career aspirations into very focused and tangible goals – this has really helped me to formulate some clear objectives and a meaningful action plan.

Anne’s very strong listening and questioning skills proved very insightful during our conversations and I would have no hesitation in recommending Anne as an accomplished Executive Coach.”

Mark Walsh, HR Manager, Wood Group

“I have recently had some Executive Coaching sessions with Anne which I found to be relaxed and very effective.

In a couple of sessions I got to explore/tease out where my real interests lie and where these fit with my current and future roles with my employer. I came away from the sessions with a clear vision of my career path and my future development needs.

I would highly recommend Anne as an Executive Coach.”

Brian Collins, Senior Consultant, Wood Group

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